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Flash and the One-Eyed Jacks
Harry Lynn Shields
Harry Lynn Shields
Harry Lynn Shields
Harry Lynn Shields
Harry Lynn Shields

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1.  Born To Boogie Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing  Play  Here

2.  Gypsy's Truth's Songwriter  HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing 
Preview Coming Soon!

3.  Doing Magic For You Songwriter: HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing 
Preview Coming Soon!

4.  Runnin' Wide Open Songwriter  HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing 
Preview Coming Soon!

5.  Dreams Do Come True Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing 
Preview Coming Soon!

6.  3001 (It Won't Be Long) Songwriters:HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing 
Preview Coming Soon!

7.  Country Rockin' Blues Away Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing  Preview Coming Soon!

8.  Surround Yourself In Love Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

9.  It Takes Me To My Knees Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

10.  I'm The Reason That You're Gone Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

11.  Music Down In Tennessee Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

12.  Oh Please Louise Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

13.  You've Still Got Me Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

14.  Blue Texas Morning Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

15.  Crown Prince Of The Barroom Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

16.  To Far Gone Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

17.  Last Night In Town Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

18.  I'll Never Let You Go Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing

19.  Freightliner Fool Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Door Knob Music

20.  You Bring All The Love Out In Me Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing

21.  Comin' Back To You Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing

22.  Monica Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing

23.  You Control The Night Songwriter:HL Shields Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing

24.  Me and Ms Chablis Songwriters:HL Shields/Vince Rundus Publisher:Door Knob Music

25.  Alabama Girl Songwriters:HL Shields/Jim Goff Publisher:Door Knob Music

26.  Hold Me, Squeeze Me Songwriters HL Shields/Anita Rosamond Publisher:Gold Shield Publishing

27.  Chuck Berry Music Songwriters:HL Shields/Roy Melton Publisher:Door Knob Music

28.  Bad Year For The Trees Songwriters:HL Shields/DeWayne Burcham/Mack Vickery Publisher:Jack O' Diamonds

29.  I Just Need Someone To Hold Me Tonight Songwriters:HL Shields/Vince Rundus Publisher:Door Knob Music

30.  Turn Back To The Wine Songwriters: HL Shields/Vince Rundus Publisher:Door Knob Music

31.  Hold Me Songwriters:HL Shields/Vince Rundus Publisher:Door Knob Music

32.  Foggy Night In Dallas*

33.  Home Free Songwriter:Jerry Page

34.  Teach Me How To Love You*

35.  Let's Just Let Tomorrow Start Today*

36.  We've Just Got To Get Together Again*

37.  Give Me A Chance To Love You*

38.  Magnolia Songwriter:JJ Cale

39.  My Sweet Lady Songwriter:John Denver

40.  Out Of Left Field Songwriter:Percy Sledge

41.  Chain Of Fools*

42.  First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Songwriter:Ewan MacColl

43.  You Gave Me A Mountain Songwriter:Marty Robbins

44.  I Can See Clearly Now Songwriter:Johnny Nash

45.  Crying Songwriters:Roy Orbison/Joe Melson

46.  The Lord's Prayer Songwriter:Albert Hay Malotte

47.  What A Feeling- Songwriters - John Tolbart/Jack Burke

48.  You Can't Take It With You (When You Go)- Songwriters - Hal Bynum/Jim Candy

49.  Imitation Happiness- Songwriter - Ralph Begley/AKA Joey Arrow

50.  Tar Hill County Woman Songwriter:Jerry Page

51.  Tulsa Streets Songwriter Ralph Welch

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